Take a step towards finding your inner character! ZENDEN Perform’s Acting and Personal Development services are structured to help you find parts of your personality that may be buried or closed off behind emotional walls.

If you are an Actor finding it hard to book a gig or perhaps you are in the Corporate world experiencing challenges with public speaking, then ZENDEN Perform is the place for you! Find your inner confidence and stand out in your role!

Here at ZENDEN Perform we incorporate acting techniques to cater to professional working actors as well as those who are looking to break out of their shell. In our private sessions and classes you can expect breathwork, relaxation, and all different forms of improv, meditation and bodywork. From beginner to advanced, ZENDEN Perform has classes and private sessions specifically curated to meet your needs.

Andrew Francis

Andrew Francis, with over 185 credits, 26 years of experience in the Vancouver acting community, and currently moving onto Season 3 of his hit show for Hallmark, ‘Chesapeake Shores’, Andrew comes with a wealth of knowledge. Knowledge that comes from not only being a working actor, but also the knowledge acquired studying under Michelle Lonsdsle-Smith for three years at Lyric School of acting. He will also be incorporating what he has learned in his countless private sessions and guest workshops, studying under notable names such as Mel Tuck, Larry Moss and Toronto’s Michael Rothstein (personal coach of Rachel McAdams). Check out his IMDB Credits here- Andrew Francis

Jim Sced

Jim Sced has been involved in many areas of film and television for 10 + years. Initially studying Meisner technique with Christiane Hirt of Company of Rogues in Calgary Alberta. The thirst for more lead Jim to Circle In The Square for a theatre conservatory in New York. Jim could not escape his love of Vancouver, Canada, and his passion for the outdoors so it was back home to Vancouver where Jim worked with various productions and continued studies with Michele Lonsdale Smith at Lyric Actors Studio; where Jim and Andrew Francis first met. Along with this education and experience, Jim has done workshops with Michael Rothstein and many others…


  • Private Coaching

  • (30 mins class)
  • Private Coaching

  • (1 hr class)
  • Private Coaching

  • 3 Sessions

Andrew and Jim’s approach and insight will be complemented further with guest speakers such as:

Matt Mylrea, Stunt performer (Supergirl, Riverdale, Elysium, Warcraft, The Interview),
Greyston Holt (Supernatural, Bitten, Once Upon a Time)
Nels Lennerson (Cabin in the Woods, Supernatural and Horns w/ Danielle Radcliffe),

You will receive all around scene study training, but also the ability to take what you have learned and apply it to any and all of your upcoming projects and auditions. If you are a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced actor, have no fear! With a small group, and an intimate setting, this class will have something for every actor. Join us and gain that edge that will have you booking the roles that have been just out of reach.