Uniting Body, Mind and Spirit

A regular yoga practice creates a new awareness of one’s place in the world. Many practitioners feel the connection between their body, mind, and spirit after practicing for a period of time. This unity often develops into a feeling of “oneness” within yourself, as well as with the world around you. Through movement, meditation, and pranayama you’ll become more able to reconnect with your true essence. As you learn to calm the fluctuations of your thoughts, you begin to peel away layers of false beliefs, revealing your natural state of peace.

Enhanced awareness leads many practitioners to feel a greater sense of purpose in the world, and ultimately, to spiritual fulfillment.


While you release deep-seated energies through relaxing yin postures. This practice will prepare your mind and body for relaxation and meditation. The added bonus of Reiki energy will help take you to a deeper state of peace and tranquility. This combination of holistic healing techniques aims to improve physical, mental and emotional well-being.


Combining the fluidity of Hatha yoga postures with the powerful use of crystals during savasana. This class aims to purify the body and regulate breathing while amplifying the intention you have set at the beginning of the practice.


A combination of meditation and yin yoga. Each class will be entered around the energy of a Goddess, who will be introduced and invoked throughout the class. By working with the deity, you will be invited to turn inwards and have a chance to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your energy body.


A slow paced and relaxing yoga using postures called asanas are held for longer periods of time. This practice helps to increase circulation in the joints, improving flexibility and overall dexterity.

Fire Flow

Ignite your spirit in this dynamic flow designed to make you sweat, stretch, and strengthen, followed by a sweet cool down, pranayama, and a short meditation. This class will use breath inspired movements to synch the body and mind, and prepare the practitioner for stillness and peaceful contemplation.


Begin your session by exploring what it is you are being called to by the beautiful and loving energies of the Oracle cards. Then relax deeply into meditative yin poses taking in what you have just discovered, while bathing with the soothing and transformative benefits of Sound healing.


This gentle yoga combined with the healing energies of Reiki and Sound healing will guide you into a deeper state of relaxation and reflection. Make sure to drink lots of water following this class as reiki restores and cleanses the body.


Come into your body as we combine meditative breath work with gentle flows. Then melt into your mat as we dive deep into the fascia releasing, joint lubricating, practice of yin.. ending with a sound healing immersive savasana.

Hatha Yoga Flow

Unite the body, breath and mind. 90 minutes of exploring the foundation of basic yoga asana, pranayama and dharana. We move slowly in meditative poses to awaken vital energy in the body. With detail to posture alignment safety and flow we gradually transition into a heated yang flow to feel heat strengthening both our body and mind. Concluding with a long deep relaxation.