Ximena Miranda

Meditation Instructor - Bhakti Yogui - Certified Singing Bowl practitioner

My path to Bhakti started around 5 years ago. Bhakti means love, devotion and connection with the Universe. My practice took me to the Krshna temple in Mexico City which is where my level of devotion rose. Living in asrama, meditating with japa the maha-mantra hare krsna and making floral decorations for the altar. I had the fortune to meditate in different temples around the world, such as Taiwan, Canada and all over Mexico. The experience of kirtana (chanting of mantras) made me understand how the intentional sound can raise the vibration, cleanse all energy, calm the mind and heal any difficulty.

I was trained by Geoffrey Torkington and Siddha Sandra founders of The Elephant Bowl Community. I had the pleasure to work closely with them hosting retreats/workshops focused on Sound Therapy in the spiritual town of Tepoztlan, Mexico.

I am a traveler at heart and I carry my practice with me, facilitating guided meditations with sound on all my journeys.