Talysia Ayala

Talysia began her practice as a professional Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist over 10 years ago. She started her career at MAC Cosmetics and has remained, after all these years, a member of the MAC International Artists’ Board, where she is continually testing and critiquing new products. She also went on to become one of the NARS Pro-Artist Team members as well as representing the beauty line ANASTASIA of Beverly Hills. Talysia currently works for one of the leading artists agencies in Canada called THEY Rep.
Talysia is a beauty expert for fashion and print photography but she also has worked for years in commercials, feature film and television production.Her portfolio includes ad campaigns for brands such as NIKE, CANON, ARITZIA, LULULEMON, CANADIAN TIRE, FAIRMONT, HOOTSUITE, INDOCHINO, and the major U.S. Fashion brand, UNIQLO. Her work can been seen in publications including ION, CAKE, MAGPIE DARLING and BELLO magazines, as well as on the covers of FANTASTICS, CHAOS and XO.
Talysia is also passionate and highly skilled in the healing arts. She has taken courses in EFT Tapping, Angel Therapy and Bodywork. She coaches clients worldwide, using her intuition and the use of oracle cards during her sessions to help them overcome struggles in their relationships, self esteem and releasing blocks in their personal development.