Laura Bloomberg

Laura’s holistic approach attends to the spirit and energy of the body as well as the science of movement. From a young age her spirit fuelled her into high intensity physical training in many sports.  She discovered yoga and integrated yogic teachings into all her sports and play which later brought her to Italy training with Fiorentina A soccer team, travelling around Canada to film snowboard tricks for films, to rowing at the University of Western Ontario where she received a BA degree in kinesiology. Her post graduate studies included holistic nutrition, and further training into yoga, body work and breath work.

Through injuries Laura discovered healing modalities that worked for her own healing and deepened her connection with the spiritual metaphysical world. She is inspired in presence and from that space holds a container for others healing.  Whether she is in high intensity training or simply sitting in silence for personal darkness retreats for a week at time, she continues to explore the vast spectrum of human experience as a forever student of life and continues to follows her heart and wants to share it with you.

Laura founded the 5 Day Detox program as a rejuvenating urban lifestyle retreat to alkalize the body and balance the nervous system. She also is a facilitator and organizer for Just Dance Journeys in Vancouver, guiding groups through movement and conscious breath. In class or private sessions Laura holds a motherly loving presence with gentle and knowledgeable guidance to intuitively assess what the body needs and holds space for the body to relax into its natural state.  “The breath acts a bridge between the conscious and unconscious, between the mind and the body giving us the freedom to express our power and rest in our natural state of being. Breathe and listen in the silence… you may hear my love for you.”