Hiiro Prince

(Yoga & Meditation Teacher)


Hiiro Prince puts an emphasis on an unconventional, nurturing, healing, honest, liberating, laughter-filled, down to Earth practice. His unique fusion of therapeutic restorative and yin:yang incorporates a gentle, dynamic, intuitive, hands-on approach. He always sees the yoga mat as raw blank canvas, a creative playground like an open artist studio – except it’s a yoga studio!

A teacher whom believes in breaking beyond the physical boundaries of the mat, Hiiro provides his students the freedom to take their practices to where they need it to be. He encourages open dialogue and story-sharing, offers his students tangible takeaway tools to apply with off their mat, with the practical purpose of self care. He gives the gift of the 8 limbs from his heart, space for awareness and compassion and a foundation on which their inward and eternal journey can grow.

His passion for teaching draws from life experience, his own intuition of embodied and integrated mindfulness and awareness practice, an advocacy for Gay Men’s healthy, alternative/unconventional lifestyles and the belief in the importance of a connection with your own “True Identity.”

His Vinyasa classes are playful, charismatic and uplifting while offering inclusivity to all levels and bodies. In his Hatha classes, Hiiro breaks down the foundations and principals of alignment/breath and asana with modifications and props. His Restorative and Yin classes may include yoga nidra, nada (sound healing) yoga, optional hands-on assists, guided meditation/visualization and pranayama (breath work). Hiiro’s Spin classes emphasize and integrate his interdisciplinary background in order to provide a mindful, breath-focused and fabulously sweaty riding experience! Hiiro structures his Mat Pilates classes in a similar fashion while enforcing his creative infusion of classical Pilates techniques with yoga elements.

You can expect that each class will always offer a different, genuine and authentic experience whether it’s the theming, playlist or sequencing. The one thing that will consistently remain the same will be his sincere support, his unwavering dedication, and his focus on you and your bright light. Hiiro always views himself as an eager student and cares most about giving back to his community through the life lessons that Yoga continues to instil.