Carrie Bailey

Carrie Bailey started playing with Tarot cards at the age of 16 when the psychic she would see often for guidance (back in Edmonton where she grew up) gave her her first deck. She predicted that Carrie would one day own her own studio, offering something of similar nature. However, Carrie had her sights set on other things and completely overlooked it, aiming her focus on the beauty industry instead. She took several makeup courses and enrolled in the full time Esthetics program, finishing her 9 month studies by placing 1st in her class during a Skills Competition. She then competed at a nationwide competition called Skills Canada, in which she placed 3rd overall. Carrie moved to Vancouver in 2009 and was hired on as the Western Canada Account Coordinator for a skincare line called Anthony Logistics. During that time she also worked as a Freelance Makeup Artist for Too Faced Cosmetics and after 9 months was promoted to Jr Account Executive. She worked tirelessly, enduring long hours of hard work, determined to succeed and in just under 10 months, her hard work paid off. She was able to raise her territory more than 20 spots from LY to the #1 spot in North America, even surpassing New York which was frankly, unheard of. She was awarded “Rookie of the Year” during the annual Sales Meeting in California for her hard earned efforts. ¬†Carrie moved up to become an Account Executive, something she looked at as her end goal in the field of cosmetic sales and was hired on to manage the BC territory for Urban Decay Cosmetics. In just a little over 3 years of being in this industry she finally manifested her longterm dream business; ZENDEN, with the man she also manifested back in 2009, Andrew Francis. (Read the full story about her success with manifesting in the New Age Journal). Carrie is certified in Reiki level 1 and 2, has taken an Intuitive Development course and Emotion Code training. She not only runs the daily operations for the business but she is passionate in helping others overcome challenges, particularly those who are faced with addictions. She also enjoys assisting others on manifesting and reaching their dreams like she has been able to do so in her own life. She facilitates Sound Healing’s and Private Sessions at ZENDEN with the intent to help people transform on a cellular level, aiming to provide the same results she had undergone in her own personal journey.

Carrie intends for ZENDEN to be a studio that offers classes for the conscious community and also act as a platform for those who may be experiencing hardships and are struggling to overcome them. She wants to provide the knowledge she has acquired with others, so they too can experience a life of their dreams!