Andrew Francis

Andrew started in the entertainment industry at the age of six. Up until the age of nine, after appearing in about forty commercials for companies such as Disney and Coca-Cola, Andrew pivoted his career towards voice acting. Since then, he has produced three films, won a Leo Award for best voice actor and has been in over 185 cartoons, movies and television shows. Growing up in such an industry, one can fall prey to the vices that surround it. In his twenties, while maintaining his career, he was also juggling a life that included drinking and drugs. While achieving minor success, he was never rewarded with that feeling he was striving for, to be the best he could be. This entailed achieving a higher state of being, more so than just the work he created. It was only in his early thirties that Andrew found a better way to manage this high stress, high pace, very intense industry that he had chosen. This path was a combination of spirituality and meditation. After partnering, both personally and professionally, with his Co-Founder, Carrie Bailey, his intuition drove him to kick his bad habits, and instead, choose a path that lead to love and light. He changed his persona and took on one that based itself around a giving and generous attitude, with not only his peers, but with his professional colleages as well. With continued daily practice, recently he has seen, and been given, new and and exciting opportunities that he could never have imagined. He attributes this newfound success to not only a change in the way he takes care of his body, but most importantly, the way he takes care of his mind. His intention is to take the knowledge that he has recently acquired and help others who may be struggling with similar situations. This is how ZENDEN came to be.