Alissa Hansen

(Yoga, Reiki and Meditation Teacher)

Alissa began her journey as a lover of movement, energy, and spirituality at a young age. From competing as a Rhythmic Gymnast for 10 years, to then moving to contemporary dance, which eventually brought her to study acting for 5 years. There came a point in her journey, where she was beginning to enjoy spending more time in crystal and metaphysical bookstores, then chasing her dream to be an actress. At that point she made a choice to take her Reiki Level 1 course, instead of taking another acting intensive. Since taking Reiki level 1, life started to move in a different direction. Now, she is a student of yoga and wishes to be of service through movement, breath, meditation, and energy. By bringing attention to the chakra system and different themes in class, her intention is to hold space for the yoga mat to be a place of healing, internal growth, and grounding.


  • Reiki Level 1 – Melanie Ptashynski
  • Reiki Level 2- Melanie Ptashynski
  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training – Karma Teachers
  • 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher training – Jolene Bayda