Frequently Asked Questions


I cant shut off my brain and I am experiencing difficulties with sitting still. Will I still reap the benefits of meditation?

Your thoughts will always be present and our intention here at ZENDEN is to assist in guiding you to a more present and peaceful state of being. The more classes you attend the easier it will be to reach this state more often. Don’t worry if you are having troubles in the beginning be kind to yourself and with a consistent daily or even weekly practice you will begin to break through barriers and reach these states naturally. Even if you have 1 second of a still mind you will still reap the rewards of meditation!

Am I meditating right?

Just practice the state of showing up and you are on the right track! We recommend for those starting out a new meditation practice to refrain from any caffeine a few hours before class and just allow the instructor to guide you to reach a state of relaxation. Just like how you wont reach your fitness goals in a matter of only a few days keep this in mind when beginning to incorporate a meditation practice. Be patient and most importantly kind to yourself!

What should I wear?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in!

Theres so many types of meditation how do I know which one is right for me?

We recommend to try whichever you feel guided to! Why not try them all and see which ones you feel gravitated to!


Where do I park?

Gastown has metered parking on every street. And with its historic feel, even if you end up parking two blocks away, we urge you to use this time to ground yourself and prepare to let the outside world go. There is also a parkade at Water st. and Cambie that can assist in your parking needs.

Why should I choose ZENDEN meditation?

ZENDEN, with it’s truly unique views of the water and NorthShore mountains we offer something no other studio in Vancouver can. With experienced practitioners in yoga/meditation/soundhealing, along with our one of a kind O2 bar, you’re able to find everything you need under one roof!

Can I come in late?

Our space is open daily from 12-4 for our own special version of Happy Hour. Treat yourself to a self guided meditation inside the studio, or outside on one of our rooftop patios. Coming at this time for the price of a simple drop in rate includes 5 minutes at the 02 bar as well! Otherwise, call or go online to join for a guided class, but due to the nature of what we offer, please arrive 5-15 minutes early.

What's your cancellation policy?

If you decide to cancel, please let us know 24hrs in advance for a full refund, or so we have time to switch your class to a time that works better for you!

Have a question for us?

Zend us a message below and we will have one of our Zentribe experts to get back to you within 24 hours.