Some common things you might experience in a Sound/Energy healing class

Some common things you might experience in a Sound/Energy healing class

Sound healing and energy healing is extremely beneficial for the mind, body and spirit. With various techniques out there, they all have the same intention: to move our body from a place of imbalance to a place of balance. The classes we offer are meditative so you get both the benefits of meditation and healing all in one! For those that have not experienced either of these healing modalities before, we recommend coming in with no expectations! Just be open to receive and allow whatever to come up to surface. Then release it. Let go fully and just take in the healing medicine.

These are a few things you might experience during one of our classes:

  • Emotions may arise. It is ok to cry and as a matter of fact, if you do feel like crying, cry! Try not to hold back any emotions. We provide a safe space for you to come to release what no longer serves you. It is very common for these healing modalities to bring up all kinds of emotions to the surface, when this happens it is for very good reason! You might of just had a bad day even and was needing a place to release. Whatever it may be, you’re in the right place! You will feel incredible and much lighter afterwards. 
  • Pain. You may all of a sudden feel a dull aching pain somewhere in your body as the session begins. This is completely normal. Most people describe it surfacing when the healing begins then subsiding and dissolving as it transpires. You may feel tingles or a wave of energy wash over you as the pain dissolves. It isn’t uncommon for an old injury to resurface or it might even be from carrying a trapped emotion in that area of your body that is requiring to be cleared.
  • Seeing colors and visions. This is the most common thing we receive from our clients. Seeing visions or receiving messages is exciting and an incredibly eye opening experience! You may see the sound waves in your minds eye, bright colourful flashing lights, or a passed over loved one may even pay a visit. It is individualized for each person and whatever comes up for you is for you to pay attention to. Some of it may not mean anything as it could be random symbols or somewhat fantasy like, but it can be quite the fascinating journey if you are able to get there. For those looking to experience this, we recommend refraining from searching for anything. Just be open to receive. When you put expectations on the session to try to ‘see’ anything you most likely will not receive anything at all. Just a little tip from experience. 
  • Temperature change. Some claim to feel cold or really warm all of a sudden. I myself find when the ocean drum is played, I instantly feel a cold draft come over me. Again, it is different for everybody. If you are in a crystal sound meditation you might feel tingles and a warming sensation in your hand if you are holding it. Some mention an energy wave of tingles going up their arms. Meditating with crystals is extremely beneficial and a great added bonus to your session, as it expels negativity from the body and replaces it with positive energy instead. If you have crystals at home that you enjoy meditating with, you are more than welcome to bring them along!
  • Fear. This isn’t as common but we have witnessed a few clients expressing they have felt scared during a sound healing. A lot of what is surfacing are suppressed emotions that are trying to come to the surface to release, and also for you to face head on so you are able to heal it. Try not to repress it further, we recommend to allow the sound healing to continue to gently move it to the surface to release. If it feels too uncomfortable, you may take your eye pillow off and sit for the duration of the class or take a moment up at the reception focusing on your breath and helping yourself to some water or tea. Some things we unfortunately have buried so deep inside of ourselves, we aren’t even aware it is hidden. For those of you experiencing these feelings, the reiki circle or guided meditations may be a good place to start.


These are a few things you may experience from attending our classes. Sometimes you might not receive any of them but you will definitely feel something in every class. These healing modalities are moving energy in the body, bringing the body to a place of balance and harmony. Make sure to drink lots of water after and you may find you need extra rest! We also recommend attending a class atleast 2-3 times a week to really reap the benefits, especially if you are looking for improvement in a specific area in your life. If I receive visions and messages during the session I like to journal the experience afterwards, as they are usually trying to tell me something. If you would like more information, head to “The Benefits” section to learn more about these incredible healing modalities we offer!

Hope this answered some questions you may have had. You can contact me for further info at 

See you at the next class!

XX Carrie

Carrie Bailey

Carrie Bailey is the Co-Founder of the newest meditation studio to open in Vancouver called ZENDEN. She is a Reiki level 1 practitioner and is trained in Intuitive Guidance and the Emotion Code. She strongly believes her dreams would not have materialized if it wasn't for her avid dream journaling and a continual practice with the law of attraction. She started writing in journals at the age of 9 describing what she envisioned in her future. She wrote in very specific detail about her dream business as well as what she was looking for in a life partner. Every single thing she wrote about came true in 2017 when she met her now boyfriend and business partner Andrew Francis. To read more about her story check out the "Magic of Manifesting."

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