We create memorable and profound experiences! At ZENDEN, we recommend trying out all of our different styles to see which ones suit you best. We have a variety of classes ranging from Meditation, Sound Healing and Reiki to choose from! To take in the full benefits that these modalities entail, we recommend attending classes atleast 2-3 times a week.

No experience required!

  • First Month Unlimited

  • $49/Month
  • Come and test the waters

Chakra Clearing

We have seven main chakras along our central nervous system. These chakras correlate with everything in our lives and if one is out of balance, it can create all sorts of negative ailments in our body, mind and spirit. This Meditation will unblock and clear each chakra helping you to align with your greatest potential.

Reiki Circle

Enjoy a brief guided meditation that leads into individual and group reiki healing. Balancing your chakras while in a meditative state will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Reiki Circles allow us to join our energies providing profound healing and transformation to occur. Collective consciousness is powerful, and when joined in a group, the results can be astounding.

Symphony SoundBath

This class is suited for those who love all forms of sound healing especially for beginners who find meditating to be a challenge. From koshi chimes to multiple forms of ancient instruments, this class incorporates almost everything ZENDEN has to offer.

Cards, Cacao & Sound Healing Circle

This class is suited for those who are looking to deepen their spiritual practice. We begin by setting a specific intention during a sharing circle sipping on 100% raw cacao. Your guide will then lead you into a ritual to access your higher wisdom where oracle cards are then pulled. The evening will end with a relaxing meditation and a light sound healing.

Positive Vibes

This uplifting guided meditation is great for those that find meditating a challenge. Focusing in on a positive mindset along with a light sound healing, this class will help to keep you centered and your spirit high.

Crystal Sound Meditation

In this class we connect with a specific crystal and utilize the healing properties that each one entails. With guided meditation, incorporating a light sound bath, this class is best suited for beginners looking to deepen their meditation practice.

Intention Sound Meditation

Each student will come with a chosen desire and then take a few moments to connect and look inward. We will then be led into a sound meditation that will help provide further clarity and understanding.

Take Time Out

This self guided practice is available to you on Mondays and Fridays during the hours of 1pm-3pm. Light music will be played in the upstairs studio but if you’d like to enjoy the view and a larger space, headphones are recommended.

Guided Meditation – UNWIND

This calming meditation is just what you need to de-stress, unwind, and leave the week behind

Guided Meditation – FOCUS

Start the week off right. Sharpen your focus and tap into your inner awareness with this afternoon guided meditation.

Guided Meditation – RELAX

Take a break, and just breathe, in this relaxing meditation. This is the perfect mid-week boost to help you stay motivated and keep on track.

Guided Meditation – JOY

Uplift, energize, get excited. This guided meditation will lift your spirits and get you pumped up for the weekend.