We create memorable and profound experiences! At ZENDEN, we recommend trying out all of our different styles to see which ones suit you best. We have a variety of classes ranging from Meditation, Sound Healing and Reiki to choose from! To take in the full benefits that these modalities entail, we recommend attending classes atleast 2-3 times a week.

No experience required!

  • First Two Weeks Unlimited

  • $49/Two Weeks
  • Come and test the waters

Chakra Clearing

We have seven main chakras along our central nervous system. These chakras correlate with everything in our lives and if one is out of balance, it can create all sorts of negative ailments in our body, mind and spirit. This Meditation will unblock and clear each chakra helping you to align with your greatest potential.

Reiki Circle

Enjoy a brief guided meditation that leads into individual and group reiki healing. Balancing your chakras while in a meditative state will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Reiki Circles allow us to join our energies providing profound healing and transformation to occur. Collective consciousness is powerful, and when joined in a group, the results can be astounding.

Symphony SoundBath

This class is suited for those who love all forms of sound healing especially for beginners who find meditating to be a challenge. From koshi chimes to multiple forms of ancient instruments, this class incorporates almost everything ZENDEN has to offer.

Cacao Circle

This class is suited for those who are looking to deepen their spiritual practice. We begin by setting a specific intention during a sharing circle sipping on 100% raw cacao. Your guide will then lead you into a ritual to access your higher wisdom where oracle cards are then pulled. The evening will end with a relaxing meditation and reiki healing, followed by a light sound healing.


Come into your body with a combination of meditation, breath work and gentle flows in this grounding hatha class. Tune into your chakras using poses that will leave you feeling present and grounded.

Reiki-Sound Circle

We will begin this class with reiki healing to help calm the mind then follow with a soothing sound bath from our more softer, tranquil instruments including the Tibetan bowls and crystal harp.

Intention Sound Meditation

Each student will come with a chosen desire and then take a few moments to connect and look inward. We will then be led into a sound meditation that will help provide further clarity and understanding.

Sunset Flow

60 mins of basic yoga asana, pranayama and dharana. We move slowly in meditative poses to awaken vital energy in the body. With detail to posture alignment safety and flow, we gradually transition into a heated yang flow to feel heat strengthening both our body and mind.
** When its nice out, this class will be on our sunset rooftop patio. Bring a light sweater in case it gets a little chilly!

Guided Meditation

This class interchanges with different styles of guided meditations each week. Just for the summer, when the sun is shining, expect to be outside on our rooftop patio!
Also, when its a nice day, bring your furry puppy companion along- just make sure he relieves himself before your arrival.
*Please keep in mind, if we are outdoors, we have no control over the sound around us.

Rise n Flow

Rise n Flow is a slow flow vinyasa class catered to all levels. With long holds combined with Sun Salutations, this class invites you to link the breath, movement and poses together to create the perfect balance and harmony within.

Energy Breathwork

A breath work practice will help prepare the body to receive Deeksha – a unique and gentle process which surges the kundalini and brings the shift of Awakening in the brain. The Deeksha energy initiates a journey into higher states of consciousness and is designed to bring about the state of Oneness with the Universe.

Meditation 101

Each class will be guided using different meditation techniques such as body scan, sound, breath work and visualization. We will relax the body and the mind so that you leave each class feeling more calm, grounded, peaceful and at ease. Great for all levels, even if you have never meditated before!