Who We Are

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ZENDEN is situated in a spectacular 2 level sanctuary with stunning views of the ocean and Northshore mountains. Our focus is on building a community of likeminded individuals who are seeking to further their personal growth and spiritual practices. We offer a variety of different classes to choose from, catering to all of your meditation, healing and personal growth needs. Try our Monthly Unlimited package and find out which classes resonate best with you! We also offer private sessions for those that are looking to deepen their practice or are requiring further healing and growth.

To quote the brilliant Mahatma Gandhi

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”




Recently Andrew has been given new and and exciting opportunities that he could never have imagined. He attributes this newfound success to not only a change in the way he takes care of his body, but the way he takes care of his mind. His intention with ZENDEN is to take the knowledge that he has recently acquired and help others who may be struggling with similar situations.

Andrew Francis


With Vancouver once being named the “Unhappiest City in Canada” and most find it difficult to make friends, Carrie intends for ZENDEN to not only be a studio that offers classes for the conscious community but also to act as a platform for those who may be experiencing hardships and are struggling to overcome them.

Carrie Bailey