Who We Are

Your Sanctuary

We offer a uniquely intimate space in the heart of Vancouver that awakens the senses while allowing one to find peace and tranquility within. We assist in helping to acquire and/or further ones own personal growth and spiritual practice.

ZENDEN is situated in a spectacular 2 level sanctuary with stunning views of the ocean and Northshore mountains. Our daily practice, involving meditation, yoga, sound and energy healing enables us to consistently breathe in love and exhale gratitude, while learning the necessary tools to create a paradigm shift in ones own reality. Our intention is for this outpour of positive energy to spread rapidly as a collective. Allowing our community to come together as one; lifting humanity into a higher state of consciousness, transforming not only ourselves, but the world around us.

To quote the brilliant Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you wish to see in the world” and allow our gifted team of practitioners along with our one of a kind view, to help guide the way!


Penthouse views

ZENDEN is your ultimate home away from home. Situated in a beautiful 2 level penthouse in historic Gastown, we offer a safe space to allow one to go deep within. While catching stunning unobstructed views of the ocean and Northshore mountains, let our space guide you to a place of tranquility. Color therapy teaches that Blue is known to provide a gateway to the higher realms. It is also known as “the door to the other side”. Inspired by our view, we’ve created a hand painted ceiling mural illustrated with love by a talented local artisan. Along with the added use of crystal grids weaving in and out of the clouds, as well as the powerful energies of the crystals we provide, everything around you is carefully placed to help achieve access to the two way communication with source. Granting you the ability to find an even deeper connection within.


The ZenTribe


Recently Andrew has been given new and and exciting opportunities that he could never have imagined. He attributes this newfound success to not only a change in the way he takes care of his body, but the way he takes care of his mind. His intention with ZENDEN is to take the knowledge that he has recently acquired and help others who may be struggling with similar situations.

Andrew Francis


With Vancouver once being named the “Unhappiest City in Canada” and most find it difficult to make friends, Carrie intends for ZENDEN to not only be a studio that offers classes for the conscious community but also to act as a platform for those who may be experiencing hardships and are struggling to overcome them.

Carrie Bailey